Thursday, March 3, 2011

God is good

Hello Cricuteers!

I bet you thought I forgot about you and this wonderful world of scrapping blogs. Not at all!  However, I have entered the exciting, yet exhausting world of pregnancy.  The past three months have been a crazy whirlwind of doctors' visits, tests, and couch rest.  Our doctors are being overly cautious as my first pregnancy ended in the stillbirth of my beautiful daughter, Faith Rose.  So instead of spending my post-work hours in the scrap room, I've been napping or laying on the couch reading / watching tv.  {Thank goodness for DVR!}  I will happily give up scrapping time for the adorable bundle of joy growing inside me.  There will be plenty of time for scrapping (and plenty of moments to scrap!) after the baby is born.

So if I'm a little absent over the next few months, I hope you will understand.  I'll keep in touch as my energy level allows.

Until next time, Cricuteers!
~ JD ~

P.S.  It's a BOY!!  :-)