Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Start to an Old Hobby...

Okay... so I've never done this whole blog thing before, but I figured it would be a great way to archive my new adventures with an old hobby - scrapbooking.  This time, thanks to my fabulous Cricuts (yes, that was Cricuts plural... I have the Cricut Personal Cutter and the Cricut Expression - and I LOVE them both!)... anyways, thanks to my amazing Cricuts, I have expanded my crafting to include card making, too.  There is just something so rewarding and so relaxing about scrapping... whether for my own memories or to share with others, I LOVE SCRAPPING!

Brandon also enjoys my scrapping time as it means he is free to play his video games or watch the military channel / sports without me complaining.  LoL.  Seriously though, he is very supportive and only complains a little when I ask him to run with me to Hobby Lobby or Michael's "real quick" (HA!) so he can use a 40% off coupon along with me to get whatever supplies I just have to have this week.  He is even the one who started calling me a Cricuteer - thus the inspiration for my blog title.  Gotta love a supportive man!  :-)

I will start posting pictures of my recent projects soon.  Last night, I created a beautiful wedding card for friends who are getting married tomorrow.  I have taken pictures and will post on Sunday (don't want the happy couple to see the card before we give it to them!).

Until then...

Happy Scrapping!


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